How to search for second-hand shops


1. Search using the input-boxes:

You can combine the 5 fields just as you like. The search will show the results that correspond to all typed-in criteria.

With the box „name“ you can either search for the company-name or the name of the owner.

·     When typing in parts of a word, all results will be shown that contain this part.

·     Capitalization/ lower case printing are no matter of distinction.

Box „supply“:

Here you can search for fields some shops are specializing in (if stated; works only with German terms) – but ATTENTION: naming one or more specialities doesn’t necessarily mean that only those are presented in the shop! Vice versa most second-hand dealers offer a wide range of goods, without wanting to limit the naming of their supply.

2. Search using the map of Austria:

Click on the state where you want to find the second-hand shops. Alternatively you can also click on the name of the state listed below the map.

Characteristics for „Vienna“:

On the map of Vienna you can directly select one of the 23 districts of which you want the list of dealers put out. Alternatively you can also click on the number of the district in the list left of the map.

Second-hand dealers without store:

In the list of the 23 districts of Vienna (left of the map) there is a symbol of a little truck. If you click on this symbol a list of dealers is put out which mainly sell on markets or are specializing in the collectors-scene.